Week one of this adventure.

Well it has now been a week since I decided to start a blog, which suddenly grew into me creating the beginnings of a website and no I still don’t know what I’m doing. I want to write a blog post at least once a week, a kind of diary and an outlet to release some pressure.

Just managing to work on this daily for even a week is a big thing for me. My lack of motivation can be crippling and so demoralising sometimes but I’m feeling good at the minute and long may this happiness last. I always have that little monster whispering to me that it’s not worth it, nobody cares and you’ll give up soon but, you know what?… I don’t care. I am doing this for me and it makes me feel positive and excited to move forward.

The weather has been fantastic this week, the sun has been out most days and this definitely helps to lift mood and get me going. So much colour back in the world after a long and dreary winter. It just makes me want to be outside and making the most of it so as a result, running has been much easier.

I’ve started running without my headphones this week. I’ve always run and listened to something. Music if I’m training for pace, or audio books for those long runs. I’ve always thought it best to have something to take my mind off of what I’m doing. Its like a distraction and an escape from the punishment I’m putting my body through.

Although I love listening to books when I run as it takes me away to the point that I can have done 10 miles before I know it, I’ve also found that just taking the headphones off and taking the time to enjoy the scenery and listen to my body has been a breakthrough for me. I start listening to my breathing and concentrating on where the little niggles, twinges and pains are. I just take in much more of whats around me and weirdly I start running with a smile on my face, probably scaring all the local dog walkers.

It’s not only the physical side of my running that improves but by taking away my distraction, my runs are giving me a time to go over my thoughts and work out the issues that have been bothering me that day. I’ve recently started a new role at work so have been slightly apprehensive about the new start but just thinking about my day when I’m out for my run helps to release the tension and worry and leaves me refreshed for the following day.

Every mile my mind is that little bit lighter and all the thoughts and problems that are crammed in there just seem that little bit more manageable.

My current running challenge is Run to Remember where I have to run 2 miles every day for 100 days. This running challenge is in memory of the murdered police officer Nicola Hughes and along with a group of work colleagues we have been raising money for the amazing charity set up by Nicola’s father Bryn Hughes – http://www.pcnicolahughesmemorialfund.co.uk/

This week has brought us up to days 42 to 49 so tomorrow will be the halfway point. When I started, I thought the challenge would be easy for me as 2 miles doesn’t seem a lot, and sure, the running part isn’t the issue. It is the getting out EVERY SINGLE DAY that is the challenge for me. With work, three kids and my above mentioned motivational issues it has been hard and it’s nowhere near over yet. Not only that but I’ve signed up to my first race of the year The Pendle running festival half marathon on the 14th July this year so that gives me a nice 8 week HM training plan to start today…

So with the daily running, the busy life, training and keeping this blog going, I’ve set myself a good few challenges to keep me busy for the next few months and I’m looking forward to the future. It’s been a while since I felt that.

So my runs over the past 7 days have been as follows –

Thursday 10th May – 2 miles, 17:14 – A nice easy morning run on my usual 2 mile route from home and around the park.

Friday 11th May – 3.1 miles, 25:23 – A bit of a slower pace along the canal but I was meant to be a 5 miler. I wasn’t feeling it today.

Saturday 12th May – 2 miles, 18:04 – After a long day at work, a nice easy paced 2 miles on my normal route.

Sunday 13th May – 2 miles, 19:14 – A late night run at 9.30pm as I had to drop my boys off at their mum’s before I could go. Slow uphill run.

Monday 14th May – 5 miles, 52:01 – This one wasn’t about the time, I was doing some fell running above Silsden and it was a beautiful evening for a run. It was so hard but made me really happy getting back to the hills.

Tuesday 15th May – 2 miles, 18:15 – Legs were sore today so slow pace around my usual route.

Wednesday 16th May – 2 miles, 14:27 – This was my run of the week. A new PB for 2018. I ran my usual route but really pushed myself. I am aiming to knock that 27 seconds off by the end of this 100 day challenge.

2 Mile PB 16/05/18

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