The Story Behind MindMyRun


My site is still under construction so please be patient. 

On this site I will blog about mental health and running and my ongoing journey with both.


This blog is a space where I can truly be myself. 

I’ve toyed with blogs previously, I’ve even tried to start a couple which fizzled out to nothing. The buzz or inspiration that got me started usually wears of before I manage a week.

Why should this time be different? Well I think I am an a much better place now… not great but better and a work in progress. I am writing about things that truly interest me and I’m not doing it for anyone else, I’m doing it for purely a purely selfish reason and that is… because I want to!!!

So why Mindmyrun?

Well the the two things go together for me. Mind for my mental health issues and well-being and Running because that has what has got me out of my low points over this last 2 years or so and I believe that finding the right mindset and and caring for your mental well-being is as important than your physical health.

I am 37 years old and living in the UK. I have a very busy job and three children. So between these two massive aspects of my life, I have neglected my own mental health for years. I have always been the kind of person who puts other’s first, who doesn’t want to make a fuss and who doesn’t like to say no to people. This only lead to more and more stress being piled onto my already over worked and fatigued brain which could only lead to one place…

Yes you guessed it a break down and a diagnosis of depression.

A year or two in the pits of despair and feeling sorry for myself, no motivation and a breakdown of a relationship and I knew I had to do something about it so this is where I am now.

Exercise and mindfulness exercises have been my breakthrough up to this point and this is what I want to share.

Thanks for taking time to visit.

“There are only two along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting”


So my plan is to make a blog with updates about my runs and fitness journey as well as my story about depression and managing it with mindfulness exercise and some self-belief.

I will also review and mention any websites, podcasts and books that I have found useful and helpful.

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